Case Study: Paper-based Enrollment → Benefits Administration System


Client was currently managing the annual open enrollment via paper packets and paper change forms for 500 employees. Annually, client would send out a packet to all employees with each carrier’s app/change form. Employees would complete applicable forms and send back to the HR Department. HR Department would review and spreadsheet all changes by carrier. Apps typically late, missing information, errors and not legible. Employer typically submitted spreadsheets to carriers after renewal data causing late entrants and ID Cards coming to employees after the effective date. Employer had explored another Benefits Administration System, but the budget was not approved for purchase of the new system.


Our firm set up a new, Benefits Administration System at no cost to the client. In exchange, the client committed to 30 minute meetings with each employee with our enrollment team. Our enrollment team assisted employees with the following;

  • Initial login to the new enrollment system.
  • Employees provided business card with login information for future enrollments.
  • Enrollers assisted employees with the verification of their data including dependents.
  • Enrollers reviewed in detail all benefits employer offered.
  • Employees completed enrollment which included a printed or emailed summary of elections.


Employer was able to complete enrollment two weeks prior to the effective date which allowed carrier elections to be delivered on time. All employee data was validated allowing the employer to maintain the enrollment platform with weekly events. Employer was now able to send new employees a link to enroll in their employee benefits. Grove Agency provided HR team with training to understand and manage system on their own. For the Voluntary Benefit offering, participation was very good. Over 50% of the employees participated in one or more of the Voluntary Benefits offered.

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