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Employers around the country have been implementing software solutions to manage the repetitive tasks involved with HR and Benefits Management. At The Grove Agency, we are experts on building and maintaining several Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

By training employees through our Benefits Communication and one-on-one enrollments, we help contain the costs of enrollment and eliminate the paperwork associated with open enrollments.

Many benefits administration systems can help with PTO tracking, payroll and ACA compliance. We can help employers decide between the different Benefits Administration and HRIS options currently on the marketplace or help roll out the system of their choosing.

While we partner with many of the top Benefits Administration systems, we are proud to claim Ease as our primary HRIS partner. Over 70,000 companies trust Ease to manage their benefits and HR online for over 2 million+ employees.  Ease is the #1 rated benefits administration and HR software for businesses with 2-250 employees. Learn more about Ease here.

The Grove Agency is highly experienced in deploying Ease as a Benefits Administration solution.  With Ease we can digitize your enrollment, help employees make better decisions and complete enrollments faster.  And the benefits go beyond enrollment, we can help with onboarding new employees, ACA compliance and carrier integrations.  And we offer various pricing models to suit the needs of our broker partners and their clients. Contact us for more information.

Ease Build & Management

Custom built for every client including all benefits and carrier integrations.  Annually managed and updated by the Grove Agency.

Third Party Administration

EDI setup & management, Medical & Dental Eligibility Management, Carrier Billing Reconciliation, and COBRA Administration.

Enrollment Support

We support a multi-year enrollment strategy with the initial enrollment being the most important.

These services are typically paid for through our General Agency agreements with our Preferred Carrier Partners, but can also be offered on a fee-for-service basis.

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Third Party Administrator Services

To compliment the roll-out and ongoing support of a Benefits Administration System, we offer the following third party administrator services.

New Hire Onboarding

EDI and Eligibility

Payroll Integration

PTO Tracking

ACA Reporting

VB Integration

Let us help with your next enrollment

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