Enrollment Services

Call Center

  • All employees are offered the option to Video Conference and Screen Share
  • Employees have the convenience of scheduling an appointment during or after work hours
  • No wait times
  • Benefit Counselors more prepared and have a better understanding of the client’s benefits
  • Support multiple languages
  • Monthly New Hire Enrollments

Self Enroll

  • 24/7 access to benefits and plan summaries
  • Employees can self-manage their own benefits
  • Employees can report qualifying events and update address and phone number

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Nation-wide Presence

The Grove Agency is one of the founding members of National Enrollment Partners. This means that, in addition to our high-caliber local team in Minnesota, We offer in-person enrollment at job sites anywhere in the country. Whether you are working with a large, multi-state company or a local small business, this ensures consistent quality and a better bottom line.

Five-year Strategy

Year 1

The best way to make sure your employees understand their benefits and enroll in plans that meet their needs and protect them from risk is to offer on-site, individual enrollments. During this type of enrollment, a Benefits Counselor from The Grove Agency who is deeply knowledgeable in the specifics of the benefits package will walk through each offering and help them through the difficult but important decision-making process. If the employer is using a Benefits Administration System, our counselors teach employees how to use the system during this one-on-one session.

Year 2

For employees who are renewing their coverage, we don’t want to take up too much of their valuable time. The Grove Agency can set up self-enrollment stations onsite. A Benefits Counselor is on hand and ready to answer any questions during the process.

Year 3

At this point, employees are still familiar with the benefits package offered to them. As with the year prior, we set up self-enroll workstations. A Benefits Counselor is on hand and ready to answer any questions during the process.

Year 4

It’s been a while since employees have heard about their benefits package. Maybe some options have changed.  Perhaps the technology has updated. At this point, we recommend employees meet individually with a benefits counselor to refresh their knowledge and plan their coverage.

Year 5

Thanks to the previous year’s active enrollment, employees know what benefits they want and are familiar with the enrollment process. The Grove Agency again sets up self-enroll workstations attended by a knowledgeable Benefits Counselor.

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